3 January 2012

Took son to station to catch train to Heathrow. He is off to client meeting Washington, DC for six days. Quick shop at Waitrose and back to play with Sophie. Surprised to see a shark in the back garden. Turned out not to be real Рa large lifelike balloon caught in the strong winds that are blowing today. I managed to catch and tether it long enough to take a photo but it managed to escape again and was last seen heading towards our roof. Sophie went for a walk with her mum and is sleeping peacefully Рfor a few moments anyway - under the porch outside the back door.

Son, daughter-in-law to be and Sophie have been with us three weeks and in that time Sophie has grown at least two inches as she is now taller than the dining room table which she could walk underneath before!

2 January 2012

There are many things I want to do this year and I hope my blog will keep me focused on doing them!

For starters and in no particular order:

  • Write a book
  • Continue¬†the family history
  • Enjoy my granddaughter growing up
  • Read more
  • Enjoy cooking new recipes
  • Conquor Polymyalgia Rheumatica